The practice of law is changing every day, and the effect of changing legislature on businesses is significant. We write about recent developments in the world of tax & business law, keeping a watchful eye on the changing landscape for our clients. See what we’re thinking about, and what your business should be looking out for.

  • Dan Head Shot (1)By Dan MisutkaNovember 10 2017
    Tax LawCRA Tightens the Voluntary Disclosure Program as of January 1, 2018

    Canadians focussed upon the proposed changes to the taxation of private corporations might have forgotten that Canada Revenue Agency is also tightening up the Voluntary Disclosure program, effective January 1, 2018.

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  • Joe Headshot (1)By Joe BrennanNovember 06 2017
    Business LawISS Proposes to Update Policy on Overboarded Directors

    As Canadian public companies begin preparing for the upcoming 2018 proxy season, directors and management should be aware that ISS has proposed eliminating the “less than 75% attendance trigger” for determining whether a director is “overboarded”.  A decision on this policy, and its effective date, should be available later this month.

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  • Joe Headshot (1)By Joe BrennanNovember 02 2017
    Business LawISS Proposes New Board Gender Diversity Policy

    Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS) advises its institutional investor clients on how to vote at public company AGMs and therefore has significant influence over the election of directors. ISS has indicated that its clients “have begun to voice their frustration with the slow movement on boardroom gender diversity”. The latest review of gender diversity conducted by the Canadian Securities Administrators shows that:

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  • Joe Headshot (1)By Joe BrennanNovember 01 2017
    Business LawTSX Smokes Marijuana Companies with US Operations

    On October 16, 2017, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchanges”) clarified their position that any company engaging in activities related to the cultivation, distribution or possession of marijuana in the United States is not in compliance with the listing requirements of the Exchanges and may be subject to a de-listing review. 

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  • Joe Headshot (1)By Joe BrennanOctober 31 2017
    Business LawCSE and OTC to Attract Foreign Issuers - IPO in Canada; Secondary Market Access in U.S.

    The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), a Canadian listing exchange recognized as a Qualified Foreign Exchange in the U.S., and OTC Markets Group (OTC), operator of financial markets for 10,000 U.S. and global securities, have announced that they will launch a strategic alliance that will offer a new program for foreign issuers looking for an efficient IPO experience in Canada and cost-effective access to North American investors.

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  • Mo Headshot (1)By Mohamed AmeryOctober 30 2017
    LitigationThe Civil Search Warrant

    Almost always, a civil plaintiff has a chance to review a defendant’s records only after the statements of claim and defence are filed and served.  In certain circumstances, however, a plaintiff may seek a civil search warrant to seize and obtain the defendant’s records even before the latter party has notice of a claim against it. This extraordinary tool is referred to in legal parlance as an “Anton Pillar order”, named after a British case of the same name. The Anton Pillar order has been a fixture in Canadian jurisprudence for over 3 decades.

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